About EMS Paramitra

EMSParamitra is an Authorized Business Partner of ABB Enterprise. ABB is the world's leading supplier of enterprise software and services for essential industries such as energy, mining, public infrastructure and transportation. ABB solution bridge the gap between Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT), enabling clients to make faster, better-informed decisions in both daily operation and long-term planning strategies.

EMSParamitra, established since mid of 2005 to extent and continue to provide enterprise solutions focused on improving business outcomes for State Owned and Government Institution in Indonesia, and to ensure Mincom's solutions are aligned to our customers' business objectives and impact the bottom line, we offers a range of strategic services delivered by experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of best practice. We support customer sites such as PT Antam Tbk, PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk, PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), PT Saptaindra Sejati (SIS), PT Borneo Alam Semesta (BAS), PT Baradinamika Mudasukses (BDMS), PT Jhonlin Baratama, etc.

Wigandi Kurniawan - CEO

Toto Nugroho - Director

Budi Kurniawati - Director

Rusdi Harahap - Director

Didi Hardian - Director