AspenOne Manufacturing Execution Systems Prod Overview

How do you effectively collect, manage and leverage the vast amount of data within your organization? The key is an efficient Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Based on the ISA-S95 framework, aspenONE® MES delivers efficient data management, operational intelligence via rich visualization and analytics, and improved production execution—enabling process manufacturers to quickly identify and resolve operational issues.


Efficient and Cost Effective Process Data Management

Aspen InfoPlus.21 is a highly scalable process data historian and application development platform -from a single process to a global enterprise.

Easy Segmentation of Production Data into Batches or Campaigns

Easy segmentation of data into batches or campaigns for easier production analysis 
and reporting.

Aspen Master Manufacturing Data Management

Make data discoverable anywhere within the enterprise. Create asset-based hierarchies or search using S95 aliases.

Enrich Analysis with Context

Context can significantly improve the effectiveness of process analysis and troubleshooting. aspenONE Process Explorer creates that context by overlaying process data with product characteristics, alarms, events, comments and annotations.

aspenONE Process Explorer Analytics

aspenONE Process Explorer Analytics, based on the same HTML-5 technology as aspenONE Process Explorer, delivers packaged analytical applications like Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Statistical Quality Control.

Monitor and Manage Oil Movements, Tanks, Nominations and Shipping Information

Collect tank levels and qualities in real-time and calculate gross volume using tank strapping tables. Compensate gross volume to standard conditions based on API standards for crude and finished products, and automatically generate movement transactions for the day and for tank inventory.

The World Leader in Advanced Process Control

Aspen DMC3 is the absolute leader in APC for continuous processes. The Adaptive technology, robust control and optimization and auto-tuning of the LP delivers performance with the lowest cost of ownership available.

Schedule Smarter and Faster

View schedules at a glance and drill down into your production details with Aspen Plant Scheduler. Easily identify problems and optimize finite capacity scheduling based on raw material availability, equipment constraints, and batch dependencies.