Ellipse Enterprise System

We understands that company with high levels of business process maturity need enterprise software solutions that support innovation in enterprise asset management (EAM). Innovation in EAM sustains competitive advantage only when the cost of change is minimized and the rate of user adoption is maximized. This can be achieved with a mix of optimal out-of-the-box applications that can be extended and integrated to deliver seamless business process, operational innovation and decision making support.

Ellipse is an EAM software application for asset-intensive industries. Developed over the past 30 years, Ellipse continues to be enhanced to support best practices out of the box and extensible innovation in EAM business processes. It provides a modern user interface that may be personalized to meet specific business needs or extended and integrated through a standard based integration platform to deliver innovation for asset-intensive industries.

Key Features

♦ Work planning and maintenance scheduling

♦ Operational application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) strategies including integration to RCM tools

♦ Condition based maintenance and condition monitoring including integration to SCADA systems

♦Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) materials management, contract administration, including SLAs and supplier performance

♦ Asset register designed to support the maintenance process for discrete equipment, plant and linear assets

♦ Support for mobile workforces

♦ People, talent and training management

♦ Management of Health, Safety, Social Responsibility, and Environment (HSSE)

♦ Fully integrated Corporate Management (ERP) for asset-intensive industries or integration adapters to corporate ERP systems.

♦ Cloud ready or deployable on low-cost commodity hardware

Key Benefits

♦ Reduce critical asset downtime, improve safety and productivity
Improve maintenance efficiency and effectiveness
Improve accuracy in job scheduling and completion times
Analyze effectiveness with complete visibility into work KPIs
Optimize inventory and inventory carrying costs
Financial accountability across the entire asset lifecycle from design to decommissioning

Supply Chain Management

Ellipse Supply Chain Management provides efficiency and adaptability. It offers a user-definable framework of parameters to establish and maintain inventory and procurement policies, automate the replenishment process, and improve warehouse and supplier management. Read more...

Asset Management

Ellipse manages the entire asset lifecycle from design through operational life, to disposal. Ellipse supports advanced maintenance planning with specific, integrated tools that optimally balance increased asset availability against the reduced costs of supporting the asset. Consolidated graphical views and easy-to-use organizing and scheduling capabilities deliver better visibility to coordinate work activities for both short- and longterm planning. Read more... 

Intelligent Workforce Deployment

Ellipse Intelligent Workforce Deployment is the only comprehensive, fully integrated workforce management solution that focuses on talent management, training management, rostering and HSSE. Read more...

Financial Management

Ellipse Financial Management provides a complete, end-to- end solution for financial management to meet the needs of finance and accounting managers, IT professionals and senior executives. Ellipse Financial Management fully consolidates the diverse activities of asset-intensive organizations, promoting efficiencies at every level. Read more...


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