Ellipse Intelligent Workforce Deployment

The right people with the right skills at the right time
Organizations continue to face the human resources (HR) challenges of managing employees through recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, workforce utilization, payment and retirement. Combined with the need to do more with less and increasing scrutiny over efficiency and costeffectiveness, Ellipse functions such as employee self-service and manager self-service are becoming increasingly popular.
Ellipse delivers HR and payroll* capabilities so that HR professionals, executives and line managers can better manage their most critical resource – their people. Mining companies can align the workforce with strategic business goals, matching skill profiles with project requirements and availability schedules.

The Challenge

Effective workforce management is essential to the success of any organization. The task of building, maintaining and maximizing the effectiveness of an organization’s workforce is particularly challenging in light of a number of key issues facing senior management:

Aging workforce. In certain industry and geographical segments up to 40% of the workforce will be moving towards retirement over the next 15 years. Equally there is a shift away from skill based trades as a career of choice. Many organizations have also downsized human resources departments and, in the absence of effective recruitment programs, struggle to develop and maintain an optimal candidate pool.

Staff Attraction. Attracting skilled people is challenging due to today’s highly mobile workforce, an increasing tendency for prospective employees to no longer view a job as a lifetime commitment and a very competitive marketplace for skilled personnel.  Staff/ Knowledge Retention. Retaining the experience and knowledge built up within the organization is critical to ongoing effective performance, particularly in an environment of increasing turnover.

Training. Shortage of suitably skilled people and the difficulty of training for broader competencies (e.g. managerial talent) mean that many companies are learning to take the “hire talent, train skills” approach. This approach makes training of staff, in both specific skills and organizational work practices, even more critical. An additional issue in asset-centric focused organizations is the critical need for skills recertification to meet operational standards and health and safety responsibilities.

Effective Workforce Deployment. Every organization must plan their work to ensure they have the right people, with the right skills, where and when they need them. This is a key issue for asset-centric organizations because of the need to balance complex work requirements with availability of appropriately skilled personnel. All organizations are performing this task, but often via manual processes which are time consuming and costly.

The Solution

Ellipse IWD is the only comprehensive, fully integrated workforce management solution that focuses on:

Talent management:

  • Development of an effective talent pool.
  • Reduction in time to hire and recruitment costs.
  • Management of the entire recruitment process.
  • Employee retention and knowledge retention.


Training management:

  • Achieving an effectively trained workforce based on specific training needs and ‘Just in Time Training’.



  • Single rostering solution for personnel across all parts of the organization, including the operational and maintenance
  • Effective work management based on availability
  • Timekeeping and award interpretation to payroll provider of choice.
  • Comprehensive job costing.



  • Recording and analysis of HSSE data.
  • Complete management of the HSSE function