aspenONE Engineering Suite Enhances Preem’s Refinery – Saving Millions

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Refineries across the globe are continually striving to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. During this webinar, learn how the Swedish company Preem saved millions through the optimization of their crude pre-heat train network at their Preemraff Lysekil refinery using the aspenONE Engineering suite of software.

APAC Webinar (English) - Get Out of the Gate Fast With Implementation Best Practices

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In today’s competitive capital project environment, producing estimates that are both accurate and timely is essential, so how can you transform your company’s cost estimating process to be more agile and flexible? During this one-hour webinar, Aspen Technology and Strategic Estimating Systems (SES) will discuss best practices for implementing Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE) within your organization to achieve faster, more accurate estimates.

Beyond the Spreadsheet: An Introduction to Aspen Capital Cost Estimator

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Would you use 1980’s technology to make a mobile call today? Then why do you use dated technology for your capital cost estimating? With Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE), estimators can eliminate the use of manual, proprietary spreadsheets to improve project performance, ensuring they are on time and on budget.