Improve workforce productivity, mean time to repair, and parts ordering with the complete graphical content delivery solution that provides correct and timely parts information, technical documentation, and reference materials.

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ABB LinkOne Solution

ABB LinkOne is software for creating graphical parts catalogs that helps find the right part, the first time, every time. A world leader in graphical content management and distribution, ABB LinkOne has the unmatched power to link graphics with parts lists and rich text to easily produce electronic catalogs and graphical maintenance manuals.Additionally, procedural documentation, instructional videos, updates and safety warnings can be attached at a location where service and maintenance personnel will be looking for them

With over 800 LinkOne customers around the world, and over 40,000 licenses, ABB LinkOne is the standard in asset intensive industries

ABB LinkOne is a graphical content management and distribution solution for complex equipment and assemblies. It enables equipment manufacturers to graphically publish, distribute and view electronic information via the Internet, intranet, and CD/DVD and removable media.

ABB LinkOne takes existing content and compiles it in a way that allows users to drill down into a complex assembly. Whether it is an earthmover, nuclear power plant, locomotive or engine, users can graphically traverse the entire assembly down to a single bolt in seconds, in order to obtain the correct part number.

Additionally, procedural documentation, instructional videos, updates and safety warnings can be attached at a location where service and maintenance personnel will be looking for them. ABBLinkOne can leverage any information you have, whether it is paper or electronic. ABB LinkOne is truly the ultimate step in content delivery.


ABB LinkOne connects graphics with text, so that at the click of a mouse you can not only see the item you want, but also any information associated with it, such as service instructions, ordering advice, safety instructions or parts lists.
In addition, ABB LinkOne allows operators to:

- Perform fast and effective maintenance of critical assets.

- Reduce down-time by providing accurate, up-to-date installation and service

- Reduce costs associated with excess stock by helping refine the ordering
  process for selling and sourcing of parts.

- Minimize costs associated with maintaining and updating service
  documentation via graphical search and displays of equipment and diagrams.

Always find the right part, right away

ABB LinkOne’s superior publishing, distribution and viewing system makes all forms of electronic parts and service information available at the touch of a key via the Internet, intranet, or CD. This includes:

- Parts catalogs

- Repair manuals

- Operating and commissioning instructions

- Maintenance and repair procedures

- Visual operational aids, such as video clips

- Product alerts and safety bulletins

- Product updates and notices

ABB LinkOne's Flexibility

ABB LinkOne speaks your language

Multi-national operation? No problems. ABB One speaks your language ... English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and many others, and has partners worldwide who can provide local support.

Publish Once, View Anywhere
ABB LinkOne content is only produced once but can be utilized, either via the browser interface ABB LinkOne WebView, or with the PC application ABB LinkOne WinView, allowing maximum reuse of the published content

Continual Updates
ABB LinkOne can regularly check for content updates over the Internet to maintain the latest information at all times.

Warnings and pop-up notes
ABB LinkOne links graphics with up-to-date information, design changes, safety advice and warnings where necessary, within documentation.