Wireless Networks

Radio networks offer a far-reaching and cost-effective way of connecting physically disparate equipment, with the added ability to reach mobile devices. EMS and ABB offers a range of wireless technologies suited to any environment.

Using radio to achieve the robust connectivity demanded by the energy industry has, on occasion, proved an insurmountable challenge, but modern developments such as ABB’s Tropos mesh network combine ubiquitous coverage with full redundancy, all using unlicensed radio spectrum.

A self-forming mesh can balance loading between connections, and reroute traffic in the event of node failure, creating a network as robust as any cable and capable of reaching the farthest point of the most-remote operating site.

Wireless Network Solution for Mining

Mines offer the most extreme of environments, and require the most capable of communications equipment, to keep them operational.
Modern mining is a high-tech undertaking in decidedly hostile environments. Some of the world’s largest, most expensive machines must be safely and efficiently maintained and operated in remote locations with rugged terrain and extreme weather. A private wireless IP broadband network from ABB Tropos provides the communications infrastructure needed to support the applications required to ensure safe, secure, efficient and, ultimately, profitable mining operations.

Safe and efficient operation of open pit mines requires precise coordination of some of the world’s largest, most expensive machines in settings characterized by punishing heat and cold as well as extreme shock and vibration. Mines operate 24/7 and can cover vast areas. Maximizing productivity in operations and maintenance can yield substantial improvements in profitability and safety.

Wireless communications can significantly enhance the efficiency, productivity, safety and security of open pit mines. ABB Tropos’ wireless broadband network solutions provide a scalable and reliable foundation to securely support multiple network-based applications running simultaneously including: