Transportation Industry


Charged with meeting growing service and regulatory demands with aging inventory, rail organizations face unique asset management challenges. Not only must these businesses maintain discrete assets like rolling stock and yards; but also the linear or continuous assets that are the foundation of their operations. Poor on-time performance can have significant negative impact both in terms of reputation and cost. Rail organizations must keep their networks operating safely, efficiently, and on schedule.

To achieve this, businesses effectively maintain discrete and continuous assets that are the foundation of their operations. Most rail organisations do not have solutions in place to address the complex demands of linear asset management. Instead, they make do with systems that were purpose built for manufacturing or business services, and don’t take into account the demands of managing field-based assets that are not in a typical hierarchical arrangement. The result has been a reliance on disparate systems and processes to store and report on performance and cost data, schedule and prioritize work, and track work progress for linear assets. We provides rail companies with the ability to “strike a balance” from the C-Level to the switch maintainer with solutions that enable a clear line of site into asset performance across the rail network. With purpose built solutions for managing linear assets, we can help rail companies improve reliability, reduce cost, and improve workforce safety and efficiency.

Our customers can attest to these significant benefits:
♦ Superior information about network status, better system reliability and a vastly reduced probability of blackouts

Highly available network and robust carriage uptime to improve customer satisfaction
Adherence to the most stringent and changing regulatory requirements
Better stakeholder satisfaction and return: Improved workforce efficiency, maintenance and inventory cost and program management
Connected, configurable and powerful tools that work in exactly the way that your teams need them to
Confidence from workers and passengers in a safe and sustainable rail network

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