Energy & Utilities Industry


Our extensive enterprise software offering is focused on helping solve our utility customer’s greatest challenges and shaping the grid of the future. Across solutions for asset optimization and management, workforce and plant operations management, real-time operations and control and energy portfolio planning and management, ABB helps utilities increase reliability, ensure safety, security and sustainability, and improve operational performance and efficiency.

Our solutions in energy and utilities industry are designed to help our customers:
♦ Manage complex energy system processes while ensuring the required levels of cyber security
♦ Efficiently control and manage assets for improved reliability and optimal performance
♦ Understand the current state of power production, enhancing operational safety and allowing for enhanced operator awareness
♦ Model detailed unit operating constraints and market conditions
♦ Evaluate the activities of market participants and industry dynamics across commodities using a single integrated solution

Asset Health Center

ABB solutions for Asset Health enables asset-intensive businesses to unlock the wealth of real-time sensing and monitoring data now available, in combination with maintenance and enterprise data, to proactively predict, prioritize and act on potential risks to maximize uptime, safety and total return on capital investments. Read More...

Ellipse (EAM)

Ellipse is a fully-integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application suite providing complete visibility and management of assets to asset intensive industries including energy, mining, defense, public infrastructure and oil & gas. Read More...


ABB LinkOne is a graphical content management and distribution solution for complex equipment and assemblies. It enables equipment manufacturers to graphically publish, distribute and view electronic information via the Internet, intranet, and CD/DVD and removable media. Read More...

ABB Tropos

Radio networks offer a far-reaching and cost-effective way of connecting physically disparate equipment, with the added ability to reach mobile devices. EMS and ABB offers a range of wireless technologies suited to any environment. Using radio to achieve the robust connectivity demanded by the energy industry has, on occasion, proved an insurmountable challenge, but modern developments such as ABB’s Tropos mesh network combine ubiquitous coverage with full redundancy, all using unlicensed radio spectrum. Read More...

Inventory Optimizer

ABB Critical Inventory Optimization is a suite of specialist software tools that leverage existing data to drive enhanced enterprise performance. The solution automatically identifies and analyzes key data to assess the impact on varying the stock levels of every item. Once this assessment is complete, adequate stock levels, lead times and critical items can be determined, giving businesses a better indication of what they need and when. Read More...