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BEAM is an enterprise asset, maintenance, facility, fleet and energy management software for smart companies. BEAM has been in the market since 1998.


BEAM has a modular approach to help you manage your asset and maintenance management operations. 


​Assets may be your machinery, equipment, device, fleet of trucks/cars, buildings, electrical vehicles, commercial drones, armory, facilities and many more. 

Our  Solution 

Asset management

​​Periodic maintenance

​Preventive maintenance 

Predictive maintenance

Spare part management

​Facility management

​Energy management​

Plant maintenance management

Armory asset and maintenance management

​Commercial drone fleet management

​Electric vehicle fleet management 

​Wind turbine farm management

Solar energy farm management 

Fleet maintenance management

​Public transportation management ​Public infrastructure management


  1. Extend lifetime of your corporate assets,

  2. Take control of your corporate assets,

  3. Reduce maintenance costs,

  4. ​​Reduce spare part inventory costs,

  5. ​​Increase efficiency,

  6. ​Increase productivity,

  7. ​Have continuous improvement at your company.

  8. ​Have a Vertical-Free integrated asset and maintenance management software for any industry,

  9. ​BEAM supports corporate governance and increases efficiency,

  10. ​BEAM helps companies adapt changing times in the face of COVID-19 for remote work, setting performance criteria and performance management,

  11. ​Comply with regulatory standards paperless, digitally,

  12. ​Comply with ISO 55000 digitally with no need of paper,

  13. ​Audit your operational assets for continuous improvement.

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BEAM for Healthcare

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BEAM for Hospitality and Property Management

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BEAM has a modular approach to help you manage your asset and maintenance management operations.

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