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Mobile Approval

ECORP Mobile Approval

ECORP Mobile Application is an Ellipse add-on that supports features in Ellipse that are designed to run on mobile devices such as cellphones or tablets. With increasing mobility, it is necessary for the media to carry out approvals anytime and anywhere so as not to hinder operational activities. In addition to the approval function, EMS also develops mobile solutions for other functions such as Ellipse Mobile Work Execution and Ellipse Mobile Inspection.

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About EMS Paramitra

EMS Paramitra is a national consulting company, since its establishment in 2005 has focused in the Mining, Energy and Industrial Process Industries. EMS Paramitra is an Authorized Partner of Hitachi Energy Enterprise Software with the Ellipse Enterprise Software flagship.
The majority of mining companies in Indonesia and worldwide are customers of EMS and Hitachi Energy. 

Board Of Management 

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