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 Why EMS

EMS Group is a national consulting company with a dynamic work atmosphere and suitable for people who loves challenging work. EMS is open to anyone who wants to develop themselves and want to become entrepreneurs. EMS has an international networking and provides opportunities to all team members  to developing their careers without limits and also become EMS business partner.

Now, EMS is focusing and consistent in implementing 4C of 21st Century Skills, specifically Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity, so all EMS employees will develop themselves, work hard, learn and challenge themselves to achieve the best performance, and implement 7 Habits in their work ethics according to the new spirit of EMS, "Moving to the Next Level".

The entire recruitment process at PT EMS Paramitra is carried out independently, not in collaboration with any company and is free of charge. PT EMS Paramitra's job placement is only in Jakarta.

Please be careful and be aware of those who claim to be HRD of PT EMS Paramitra and ask for a certain amount of money.


 Working At EMS

With the new spirit of Moving to The Next Level, EMS always supports all employees to be able to have a career path and develop themselves, and have a life balance. EMS has a unique and dynamic work environment, supported by a pleasant atmosphere and facilities.

EMS always provides opportunities for all employees to continue to develop, learn and challenge themselves to move forward, because EMS believes, employees are the assets that possible become EMS business partners in the future.

Comfortable Workspaces

Comfortable Workspaces

Aries Meeting Room

Aries Meeting Room


EMS Team



Karaoke Room

Karaoke Room


Sport Facilities

Staff Development

Whatever your professional interests or current job position, EMS offers a variety of careers in leading innovative fields. You can look for opportunities of self-improvement and bring you internationally. You can also get an inspiration that characterizes the uniqueness of EMS as a leading IT consulting company in Jakarta.


EMS has a career path according to experts in their respective fields, such as, Professional Services, Supports and Business Partners. EMS also provides self-development programs to employees in accordance with new spirit of Moving To The Next Level. 

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