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EMS Compute: Revolutionizing Your IT Infrastructure

Welcome to EMS Compute, A Cutting-Edge Solution for IT Infrastructure Transformation

In today's dynamic business landscape, enterprises are witnessing rapid changes and growth, demanding IT infrastructure with enhanced reliability, efficiency, shorter time-to-market, and cost-saving measures. Our comprehensive IT transformation solution, EMS Compute, serves as the cornerstone for modernizing your entire IT infrastructure.


At PT EMS Paramitra, we specialize in helping companies transition into the digital era, modernize their applications, and explore innovative business lines to unlock their maximum potential.


Our Services:

1. Cloud Consulting Services:
   Explore the benefits of cloud infrastructure with our consultancy services. Our Solution Architects analyze your requirements, recommend suitable cloud solutions, and keep you updated on the latest cloud technologies.

2. Cloud Assessment:
   Embark on a successful cloud adoption journey with our Cloud Assessment process. We accompany you in examining and analyzing your organizational resources, providing a clear vision and concrete steps for achieving agile, scalable, secure, and optimized infrastructure.

3. Cloud Provisioning:
   Provision the right cloud services based on your needs. Our experts follow best practices to create a new, reliable, secure, and scalable cloud environment using advanced tools for infrastructure orchestration, automation, and provisioning.

4. Cloud Migration:
   Ensure a seamless migration of your workloads to the cloud with our expertise. We use proper tools for moving digital assets, workloads, IT resources, and applications to guarantee a smooth transition, avoiding data loss and ensuring operational excellence in your new cloud environment.

5. Cloud Managed Services:
   Tailored for companies without an IT team or those not ready for public cloud adoption. We manage your cloud infrastructure, ensuring smooth business operations. Our support includes monthly reports, performance suggestions, and 24/7 support options, employing real-time monitoring, automated backup/failover, and a secure environment.

6. Cloud Optimization:
   Optimize costs and infrastructure with our monthly reports and tools. We identify idle resources, right-size computing services, implement Reserved Instances or Saving Plans for long-term usage, and employ other strategies for an agile, efficient, and optimized infrastructure.

7. Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery:
   Customize backup and disaster recovery solutions based on your needs. Choose between active-active or active-passive backup scenarios for a secure and reliable environment.

8. Hybrid Cloud:
   Create and manage hybrid cloud environments, combining on-premise and cloud, private and public cloud, or multi-cloud setups. This model facilitates communication between distinctive services, providing businesses greater control over their private data.

9. Dev-Ops:
   Implement DevOps practices, combining cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to enhance your organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. Empower developers to respond to business needs in near real-time.

10. Infrastructure Modernization:
    Gain flexibility, reliability, and scalability by modernizing your current infrastructure. Avoid expensive licenses and set a footprint in future business landscapes, achieving better performance for both operations and client needs.

cloud computing

Our Partners:

Collaborate with leading partners for cloud provider platforms and Software as a Service. Together, we create a solid ecosystem, delivering excellent services for all our clients.

Explore innovative and secure products and services from Huawei Cloud, a trusted partner behind some of the world's most advanced cloud initiatives. Leverage over 30 years of technical expertise to protect your applications and data.

Discover Huawei Cloud:

Discover Huawei Cloud:

Explore a range of cloud products, from computing and storage to network, database, and Artificial Intelligence. Benefit from Huawei Cloud's global infrastructure, spanning multiple availability zones worldwide, providing connected, high-speed, and stable networks and services closest to your location.

Design and implement your project with the cloud provider that powers hundreds of the world's most advanced cloud initiatives. 


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