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Ellipse PTW Module Live in PLN PJB

Ellipse PTW Go Live ceremony took place at UP Muara Karang and was attended by PJB Production Director, PJB Finance Director and senior management of PJB. Ellipse PTW System was implemented by PT EMS Paramitra. PT EMS Paramitra is the authorized implementer of ABB Ellipse Enterprise Management System. Ellipse Enterprise System has been used in PJB since 1997 as SIT (Sistem Informasi Terpadu), covering finance accounting, operation maintenance, supply chain management and human resources. Ellipse is a world-class software designed specifically for asset intensive industry.

Permit To Work (PTW) is a module in Ellipse Enterprise System. This module is ensure maintenance and operation

work is properly planned and controlled for significant risk to avoid hazards. PJB Management has been very keen on HSE. This is the main reason of PTW module implementation is PLN PJB. PJB has been awarded by Soebroto Award for electrical safety and energy efficiency in 2019.

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