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PTBA - Ellipse 8 Go Live

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Early November 2014 PT EMS Paramitra started the Ellipse upgrade project to the latest version which is Ellipse 8 in PTBA. This upgrade project work can be completed in a timely manner of the target given by the Steering Committee that is one month ahead of the planned date of the project. All PTBA Ellipse users can then use the new version of Ellipse earlier starting from mid-May 2015, where the Ellipse 8 system has Go Live and ready to support day-to-day operational business in PTBA.

While the Ellipse Go-Live Ceremony was held at 2nd week of June 2015 in Tanjung Enim and attended by the Board of Directors and all management PTBA. On that occasion, SM IT PTBA presents the results of the project's achievements which then supported by the Chairman of the PTBA Project which demonstrates Ellipse 8 to display the approval process PO live directly from the system, this indicates that Ellipse 8 operates and functioning properly, In addition, the use of Ellipse 8 that is web based simplifies users to access without limitation of place and time. This feature is expected to improve the effectiveness and performance of the user.

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