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PT EMS Paramitra

EMS Paramitra is a national consulting company, since its establishment in 2005 has focused in the Mining, Energy and Industrial Process Industries. EMS Paramitra is an Authorized Partner of ABB Enterprise Software with the Ellipse Enterprise Software flagship. The majority of mining companies in Indonesia and worldwide are customers of EMS and ABB.

In accordance with EMS vision to support industry 4.0,  in 2020, EMS is moving to the next level to the Industry Automation Business. Therefore, EMS is an Authorized Partner of ABB Enterprise Software and ABB Industry Automation.



Becoming the Indonesia market leader by making breakthroughs in building applications.

Wooden Hut


  1. Providing the best service by fulfilling customer  desires.

  2. Making quality products at competitive prices.



  1. Becoming a Market Leader for CPM & Integrated Mining solution.

  2. Increase customer satisfaction by creating new innovations to make it easier for its users.

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